Inhibition of OATP1B3 by (-)-epigallocatechin gallate CSV JSON

In Vitro Transporter Inhibition Experiment

Inhibition of OATP1B3 by (-)-epigallocatechin gallate

Inhibition was detected.  Cutoff used — NA

  • OATP1B3 (SLCO1B3)

Transfected / siRNA knock-out / injected cells HEK293 transfected cells


Sample Compound measured Value Measurement Study sequence Additional information N replicates

Experimental Conditions

Cell Culture Conditions

7.0 x 10^5 cells/well

12-well poly-D-lysine coated plates

48 h

Assay Conditions

5 min

37 deg C

1 µM

100 µM (percent inhibition); 0-200 µM (IC50 determination)

Prof. Toshiyuki Kan (Department of Synthetic Organic and Medicinal Chemistry, University of Shizuoka, Japan)

Control Experiment