In vivo PK of tea polyphenols 800 mg EGCG capsules CSV JSON

In Vivo Pharmacokinetics Study

In vivo PK of tea polyphenols 800 mg EGCG capsules


The authors report a CL/F value but they don't have or mention administration of any IV formulation to use for calculating oral bioavailability (assuming F = (AUC_{po}XDose_{iv})/(AUC_{iv}XDose_{po}). So, I think that the they are really just reporting Cl from Dose/AUC. A similar comment applies to volume of distribution. These two values have not been entered into the repository.

Sample Compound measured Value Measurement Study sequence Additional information N replicates

Experimental Conditions

Randomized crossover
Multiple dosing


Healthy volunteers


5 subjects per dose level, biased toward females at every dose level

Pharmacokinetic (PK) Sampling Information

0.5, 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, and 24 h after drug administration

Drug or Natural Product Administration

Natural Product Administration





All study participants were required to refrain from the ingestion of tea or tea products for 7 days before the dose administration. The day before the pharmacokinetic study, study partici- pants were instructed to fast after midnight except for drinking water. On the pharmacokinetic study day, study subjects skipped breakfast and took no over the counter medications, vitamins, or health food products. Study participants came to the clinic in the early morning (6 – 8 a.m.) and were provided with one to two bagels for breakfast.

single dose

1 day

Natural Product Characteristics

Food Research Laboratories, Mitsui Norin Co., Ltd., (Fujieda City, Japan)


This experiment used capsules containing only 200 mg of EGCG.

Source year is an assumption based on publication date

Pharmacodynamics (PD) & Adverse Events

General disorders and administration site conditions 35800000

Mild headache and fatigue