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In Vitro Enzyme Inhibition Experiment

Cannbidiol-2'-monomethyl ether

Inhibition was detected.  Cutoff used — Not specified

7-ethoxyresorufin -7999995

resorufin -7999853

  • CYP1A1 4173297

Recombinant expression system Baculovirus-insect cells
Cytochrome B5 Not available


%inhibition estimated from Figure 2.
IC50pre-incubation at 0 min (Table 1).
IC50pre-incubation at 20 min - 1.90
Kinact/KI converted from /min/mmol to /min/μM (table 2).
All other values from Table 2.

Sample Compound measured Value Measurement Study sequence Additional information N replicates

Experimental Conditions

Commercially available

200 µL

30 min


20 µL

180 µL

5 min

NADPH with precipitant