Negligible inhibition of ABCC1 by THC CSV JSON

In Vitro Transporter Inhibition Experiment

Negligible inhibition of ABCC1 by THC

Non-inhibition was detected.  Cutoff used —

Not provided. A common convention is that IC50 > 100 micM signals negligible inhibition


  • ABCC1

Cell system Human ovarian carcinoma cell line


Measurements show 50% reduction in transport using increase in intracellular accumulation based on % of parent concentration.

Sample Compound measured Value Measurement Study sequence Additional information N replicates

Experimental Conditions

incubation time with two phases, cells and natural products for 30 min and then with Vincristine for another 90 min

Assay Conditions

1 µg/ml

2, 10, 50, 100 and 200 µM