In Vitro Transporter Inhibition Experiment

Mitragynine Inhibition

Inhibition was detected.  Cutoff used —


rhodamine 123


  • P-gp (ABCB1)

Cell system Caco-2 cells

p<0.05 Values determined from Fig. 5


Results for Mitragynine+R123 were statistically significant (p<0.05) vs R123 alone. Values from Fig. 5

Sample Compound measured Value Measurement Study sequence Additional information N replicates

Experimental Conditions

Preincubated with KRB for 60 min

Cell Culture Conditions

60,000 cells/well

Assay Conditions

5 µM

5 µM

Department of Forensic Medicine, Johannes Gutenberg University (Mainz, Germany), where it was isolated from Kratom leaves obtained from head&nature

Control Experiment