Inhibition of MATE2-K by Green Tea CSV JSON

In Vitro Transporter Inhibition Experiment

Inhibition of MATE2-K by Green Tea

Inhibition was detected.  Cutoff used — >20% inhibition vs. control

metformin 1503297

green tea leaf

  • MATE2-K (SLC47A2)

Transfected / siRNA knock-out / injected cells HEK293 transfected cells


Percent inhibition in MATE2-K cells was estimated from Fig. 1. The IC50 value for inhibition of metformin by green tea (0.1-30% v/v) could not be calculated.

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Experimental Conditions

Sodium butyrate (10 mM) was added 24 h prior to uptake experiments to nonspecifically induce transporter expression.

Cell Culture Conditions

5.0 x 10^5 cells/well

Assay Conditions

10 ┬ÁM

30% v/v

Healthya green tea (Kao Corp., Tokyo, Japan)

Control Experiment